"Your Guys install new garage door at my house and job done exactly like they promised i am very happy highly recommended !!! "
Chris H.

"Thank you for the great job you did on the installation of my new garage door. I could not have asked for a better job to be done. Everything was completed in a timely matter with little inconvenience to myself or my family. The door looks great!!! "
Gilley J.

"They were very friendly and I believe that I got a much better opener and at a much better price than what I could have gotten from the builder. I'm very happy with the opener and the company. "
Steffi B.

Commercial Garage Doors & Gates Bridgeport, CT


A commercial garage door needs to be stronger and installed by qualified professionals than the other garages. If you own a commercial garage, you must ensure the security of the motor vehicles and properties at your vehicle repair yard. Even if the cars or other automobiles are left by the owners at their risks, you must take some responsibility of their security as required by the federal laws. Our door making materials meet the federal fire protection standards and are approved by the relevant standards assurance and consumer protection authorities.

Our Insulated Commercial Garage Doors Brands

At Bridgeport, we have the best insulated commercial garage door brands have been proved to be the most durable in the market. Our insulated polyurethane is ideal for fire buildings, go downs, bulk and warehouses, municipal halls and similar buildings and appliances. It provides excellent control of temperature and is made from very hard and heavy duty metal. Customers? reviews have shown that it is termed as reliable and durable by those who have purchased the brand.

Certified Commercial Garage Door Technicians

The polystyrene insulated commercial garage door brand is ideal for places which need to be operated at minimum energy like warehouses and in shipping docks. It is of high quality and very durable. The economy insulated commercial garage are made of heavy duty steel of thick gauge for durability and maximum protection. The entire above commercial garage brands have a specially designed bottom section for use in loading areas with high traffic. If the any of the above brands is pushed by a forklift accidentally, the bottom section gives way and can easily be reset.

The non Insulated Commercial Garage Doors Brands

We have non insulated commercial garage door brands of 20 ? 25 gauges made from very heavy duty steel. Just like the insulated commercial brands, they have a specially designed bottom section which can break away incase they are accidentally shoved by a forklift. These brands are specially manufactured to ensure that they are easy to paint and wash. They do not attract dust but need to be washed with the right detergents which are non acidic.